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Nick Jamal
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Hi 10130848!
Yes you can raise or lower these cars using spring pads of different heights available at the dealer. These are fairly cheap - the labour for installation will be a far greater cost. The question is, what pad thickness do you have right now? They come in four thicknesses, and there are pips (or bumps) on the rubber pads that can be seen or felt at the top of the spring. 1 bump is the thinnest, 4 is the thickest, with a range of thickness of about 6mm-24mm (which translate into a slightly greater difference at the wheel edge).
I had to do this myself after lowering my 300E. I got a little overzealous when lowering and installed the thinnest pads available, only to reinstall the thicker pads that were on the original springs.
Hope this helps,
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