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Cool Finally fixed the damned rear dome light

I bought a 1990 300E three months ago, and ever since I have owned it, the rear dome light never turned on when the rear doors were opened, only with the dash switch. Even though this was a minor problem, it still bugged the hell out of me that this was not working on a Mercedes and never seemed to be a problem on any other car I have ever had. So after many many hours of checking the door contact switches, removing the rear seat, removing the rear panel next to the rear speaker, removing the switch from the dash, ripping out front and rear carpeting and opening up wiring harnesses to check for broken wires, I finally found out what was wrong.....and of course, it was the last place I thought of to look. Underneith the passenger side front carpeting and behind the plastic panel beneith that, there is a multi-plug that connects 8 wires coming from the rear of the car to wires than then go up and through to the dash/front of the car. I disconnected the plug and took the top off of the female side of the plug and inside I discovered that a connection/wire/resistor had broken that makes a connection from one female slot to another. So, I just soddered it back on and put everything back, and now the rear dome light works with the rear doors. -- Mikey
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