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Injection timing is 24 BTDC. This is the same as 15 ATDC.

ATDC method: Position engine at 15 ATDC with no.1 piston at power stroke. Open the plug at the left side of the pump governor, rotate the pump's drive shaft so that the pointer on the governor weight aligns with the hole, lock the shaft at this position by installing the tool "Bosch or MB", then mount the pump. Remove the locking tool after the auto-advancer has been bolted to the drive shaft.

Final timing can be checked two ways:
1) Spill method: It will come out as 24 BTDC.
2) RIV method: You'll need to install an MB electronic tool to the hole on the governor housing. Turn the engine while observing the two lights on the tool. Pump is properly timed if both lights on the tool come on at 15 ATDC.

So, 24 BTDT spill method = 15 ATDC, RIV method.

Hope this helps you.
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