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I have a recently purchased 300 TDT with 150K. Two injectors are leaking at the base where they screw into the head. It is a black oil type leak and the vent hoses or body of the injectors appear to be fine. Is this common or uncommon? I assume that I need to remove the two offending units and replace a seal, correct? Are leaks at the remiaining 4 injectors likely, if so, I will take care of the rest at the same time. I have a socket that fits, but do not know the torque. The engine runs great (hot or cold) so I assume the injectors are fine. If I need to do any checks or inspections while I have them out, please advise. I have a spare car so If I need to send them off for cleaning etc, it is not a problem.

I really like the forum and contribute when I can. Thanx in advance to anyone that replies!

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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