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Exclamation Help!! Cannot Start 85 500sel

I would really appreciate someone's help....I did something really stupid!

I was trying to diganose a rough running problem when I pulled the fuel pump relay out of the socket while the engine was running. It ran for about two seconds and stopped. I expected that. What I did not expect was that when I plugged it back in, the car would not start.

I opened the relay and sure enough, the thing was really hot and a solder connection was broken. I repaired the break and expected that to be the guessed it; it was not.

I loosened the main fuel line to see if the pump was working and it was (The garage still smells of gasoline). So I hooked up my timing light to check for the presence of a spark and got no strobe.

Now I am at my wits end. Is their any suggestions?

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