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Front strut and strut mount on 124 - DONE

I just completed replacing the front struts and mounts. It took about 2.5 hours, and part of that time was due to a bonehead mistake on my part.

I read all the threads on this site, used the CD manual and what came with the Bilsteins.

I broke one socket using a cheater bar. Purchased a whole new 1/2 inch metric socket, but came to find out that some metrics and SAE sockets are the same. Wish would have known and saved money by not purchasing the new socket set. 19MM is an exact fit for a 3/4 inch.

As noted on this and other sites, the "bounce test" is not valid. The car bounced just fine with the old struts. Once off, the pistons of the old struts could be easily pushed down with one hand. The top of one strut was shiney due to the strut bump buffer hitting it all the time.

At any rate, glad the job is done. Am anxious to test drive and feel the difference,

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