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Let me step in here..

brookspw, Jackd was just trying to guide you to some posts that showed both quotes from other members and the price of the part in case you wanted to do it yourself. And I don't think Steve Brotherton is gonna tell you anything either. Shops are in the business of making a living, not undercutting each other in different markets. Let me give you a good example. Alignment shop just called to say one of my vehicles needs a lower ball joint before they can align. Quoted price of $163. Well I know that the part is $40, so that means they want $123 for a 30 minute job. I'll do it myself and take it back for the alignment. BUT, if I didn't have $3000 worth of tools and the knowledge and time to do it myself, then that would be a fair price. So it's all relative. If you're not a DIY but a smart shopper, then call around and get several quotes. That's the only way to know. Or, you could read the posts that Jackd suggested and see what other people paid.
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