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Brake squeal - one solution

The front brakes were really squealing bad on my Toyota, wspecially when turning and applying the brakes. Flushed the the system, replaced the pads using anti-squeal stuff and still had a problem. Took to garage, the bolts holding the caliper together needed lubricating. They cleaned and lubed everything. The bad squealing when turning stopped, but a light squeal started to appear when applying the brake. Back to the garage, re-worked at no charge and said the next move is to replace the calipers.

Well, the squeal started again. Purchased rebuilt calipers that are guaranteed for life of the owner basically, and guaranteed not to squeal. So far, so good. No more squealing.

One thing I noticed on the pads were that they were glazed in places, which indicated calipers were not releasing when they should. The glazing can contribute to squealing.

At any rate, all is working fine and for the cost of loaded re-built calipers, it is worth a try when all else has failed.

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