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Thanks, Mike -- exactly what I was looking for. I knew this forum would provide the info.


Originally posted by MikeTangas

You can do a flex disk at home in well under two hours, even taking breaks.

You'll need ramps and jack stands - front end on ramps, rear on stands (to allow rotation of the driveshaft). As far as tools, you'll need a 19mm box and socket, plus a big ol' torque wrench upon reassembly. You may, or may not have to open the tunnel to access the center nut to collapse the driveshaft,. Once the 6 bolts are loose at the flex disk try prying back the shaft, you'll need about 3/8", maybe a touch more. If you cannot pry it back then you have to open the tunnel and loosen the center nut to allow movement (also a good time to inspect the center bearing).

Once back remove the old disk and install the new with the new bolts that come with the kit. Note that there are steel tubes that protrude and fit in the yokes. Slide the shaft back forward and installed the bolts/nuts, torque to spec and you're done.

$75 in parts and a little of your time.
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