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Hi, you can try the "Search" function on the top, right corner. A lot of thoughts have been given regarding HID-Look bubls.

Anyways, still give some of my opinions.

If you gonna go with PIAA, go for over-watt bulbs as the normal watt bulbs will improve nothing but look. Also, B1 is another good company from Japan who also make Superwhite bulbs(which they claim to be whiter, and brighter than PIAA's). Though, I haven't try B1's Superwhite H4, I have tried B1's other SuperWhite bulb(backup lights), and they really are bright, and blue.

If you want the looks ONLY, then just go for low priced, Korean made as they burned out alot faster than OE bulbs. But if you are looking to improve your lighting during the night, then, I might suggest you go for Euro Headlight conversion and only then think about put in a over-watt, Superwhite bulbs.

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