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A/C Joke

'86 300 SDL....What a PITA. I've searched and searched for A/C and Climate Contol info. No avail. Threads peter out or if the problem is solved the person asking the question never finishes the thread to let the rest of us know if the solution worked.

My symtoms: Car sits in the garage all night. In the moring A/C works fine. All vents open and close. No vacume problem. Temp wheel works fine. Fan settings work fine. Compressor kicks in. Everything NORMAL. Even get heat in the right places if I want.

Then I park the car, get back in later, start it up, barely any cooling. Everything going to the winshield and side vents. Then eventually no A/C.

Took CC unit apart resoldered button contacts and Wheel pot. No change. Same symtoms. Anyone know what the ohm Values of the temp wheel pot is suppose to be and from which contacts (mine has 3 contacts) Driving me nuts.
1986 SDL
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