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The maintenance schedules point out everything to do, and everything is carried out in miles, except for two items, which are carried out in time:

1. Brake Fluid gets flushed and replaced every 2 years.
2. Transmission Fluid gets flushed and replaced every 3 years.

You'll have to check your records and see when the above two items were done last.

Following are the maintenance schedules:

7,500 MILE SERVICE (Also due at 22,500 / 37,500 / 52,000 miles)
Change Engine Oil and Filter.
Inspect Brake Pads and Discs
Set Tire Pressure and Rotate Tires
Top Off All Fluids
Inspect Exhaust System
Check Operation Of Lights and Accessories
Inspect Suspension and Steering Components
Road Test
Function Check A/C & Heating System

15,000 MILE SERVICE (Also due at 45,000 / 75,000 / 105,000 miles)
Includes 7,500 Mile Service Plus:
Inspect, Rotate, and Balance Wheels
Inspect Wipers and Washer System
Adjust Parking Brake
Lubricate Door Hinges
Check Spark Plugs and Replace if Necessary
Inspect Belts and Hoses
Clean Antenna Mast
Inspect and Lube Throttle Linkage
Check Tire Condition
Test Antifreeze Protection Level
Road Test

30,000 MILE SERVICE (Also due at 90,000 / 150,000 miles)
Includes 15,000 Mile Service Plus:
Retighten Steering gear Bolts
Check Clutch Disc for Wear (if applicable)
Replace Air Filter
Automatic Transmission Filter and Fluid Change (if applicable)
Inspect Drive Shaft Flex Disc for Wear
Inspect Parking Brake Cables
Inspect Body For Paint Corrosion
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