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Originally posted by Benzmac:
This is a tricky situation. The Italian tune-up can blow these up if the carbon has collected around the EGR area. I have seen many do this. You could have someone play with the timing or the fuel mixture, but your power will decrease with smoke decrease.

How does one mess with fuel mixture? (I'm told a chip handles that). This seems less invasive than a timing change.

What exactly happens when carbon builds up in egr area and the car is "italian tuned"?

Apparently, "italian tuning" was exported from Italy to Germany. One mechanic who used to work at a Benz dealer told me that the unofficial prescribed Benz method to "clean out" the trap oxidizer was to run in a low gear at high rpms for a few minutes on occasion (I forget specifics) - this would heat up the t.o. and unclog it. He said none of the salesmen could ever bring themselves to tell a prospective/new customer to do this, and the rest is history.
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