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W126 Electric mirror conversion, and headlight relay install

I have two questions I hope you knowledgable people can help me with.

I have managed to get a power mirror to replace my manual one. I
have found a 90's W124 power mirror switch that has a selector on it.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for either of these cars so I can wire up
my two W126 mirrors to the W124 selector. I also need to order the W124
connectors as all I have is the switch, does anyone have part numbers for

And last but not least, I have a Bergwerks headlight upgrade kit that I am
going to install. As part of the kit I will run new power wires for the
headlamps from the relays, and take the existing power wires and route them
to the relay to activate the relay.

I have opened the headlamp wiring plug to see where best to connect the
newer heavy guage wiring. Is it possible to buy the pins for the plugs and
make my own new connections using only the new thicker wiring or am I going
to have to cut and splice?

Thanks in advance.

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