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Just to add to everyones comments.....I too just bought a 1987 420sel. It has 185,000 and complete records down to car washes. I felt very comfortable with the milage after alot of researching. I bought it with various small problems. DS window regulator needed replacing. I did that last Saturday myself. It was a piece of cake. DS, door lock needed repair, did it myself, needed new front ws. Did that today. Several other small items still need attention. The engine had all the important things done, so I am in pretty good shape. I do have a small trany leak at the front. That will be my next task. The m116 uses a quart every 5000 or so, AC has been converted to R134a, I'm not too crazy about R134a, I might go back. It blows cold but not as cold as R2. I might be able to put up with it for the cost. It's a great car and I am having a blast cruzing in it. The paint looks like it was just off the assembly line, not a scratch or ding. Not sure how he pulled that off. It's Dark Blue with Gray interior. I paid $6900 and felt I got a good deal. Email me if you have any further questions.

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