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About that safety belt sign....

Once I went all out on my stereo system, the time came for me to stop the annoying rattling inside the car. When I played music softly, I kept hearing a small buzzing noise that got VERY turned out that the safety-belt plastic sign up top had fallen off and vibrated with the plastic holding it in. I took it off, and not wanting to buy a new one, I decided to make my own, hehe. It was simple. I just printed out a nice MBZ symbol, and some other things behind a black background and printed it on transparency film. I had the Kappa insignia along with ///MBZ\\\\ I also had my name up there with the two slots on the left and right as "///MBZ\\\"--my friends were surprised and wondered how I did that. It looks pretty cool at night because I chose blue for the writing, comes of as indigo-like...and in the daytime you can barely tell it's there (when not lit).

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