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Have a 500SEL with 192000 miles which has been progressively using more oil since about 140000-150000 miles and smokes so badly the car is no longer driveable. Valve job was done at 101000 miles but seals were checked and again replaced at 191000-no problem with guides or seals noted and no effect on smoking. Problem not likely related to guides or seals.
The engine has been dismantled and all looks good for the mileage. The only area that shows any likely cause of the problem is the oil rings appear to be worn noticeably.The expanders show wear at the gap and the ring has about .055-.060 end gap at the bore top. Max bore wear is only about .001 and the pistons and bores look very good.
My question is can we expect to resolve the problem by replacing the rings in this engine? It would help to hear if anyone has had a similar situation in one of these engines and successfully corrected it. At teardown this car was using about a quart of oil every 200 miles. Smoking most excessive cold and moderately accelerating. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Art Ziesk
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