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The gear is out of a 140 car and is involved with seat height at the back. When I had the gear made (4 years ago) the only way to buy it was the seat bottom frame with motors, transmissions and controller. it was 1800 bucks or so.

I had 5 gears made and this picture is of #3 being used. I checked to see how its sold now and the full seat bottom is no longer in the price book so I don't know if its still available. The seat frame is now available for around 800 without the motors. I presume the gear is part of the motor trans assy, but haven't ordered one to find out.

The seat in question also has a gear broke in the lay back section and we had a couple made for it and will be assembling it on Monday. Time for another picture.

I don't know what MB is up to but the rear evaporator went from 850 to 950 in a year. The left throttle assy went from 1300 to 2600 in the same time (luckily this car had them replaced in 97). The engineharness body mounted did go from 1260 to around 2400 in the same short time. It seems that MB wants to really destroy the servicability of these old "champions of the marque".

Jim, I have thought about doing just that with brass gears. My machinist probably wouldn't care. I hate to change design criteria too much as you never know till you try what other change will follow. Not too much time for R&D in the trenches.
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