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grooves one rotor only???

1. I have been changing break pads since high school and on Mercedes cars about 17 years now I am really stomped over this recent encounter I have.

2. A scratching dragging sound was coming from the rear driver side, after inspection trough the rims opening I see grooves on the rotor. Well time for new pads normal right, NOT.

3. Well ordered the new pads and got everything apart and after looking there seems to be about six months of life left on these babies, what gives? There is a slight wear difference from the outer and inner pads the outer has a little more wear on them. Also a lot of rust. Of course the grooves on the rotor not the two big ones like you see when there is so much wear that itís down to metal to metal then the rivets. But a bunch of little ones like on a record.

4. I check the other side and no grooves! But the pads seem to have less life about 4 months left. The wear is the same on both outer and inner pads. A little less rust. The only thing different about this side I recall is the bearings was replaced about 3 months ago.

5. The following are things done on both sides as I recalled:
. a. Rotors were replaced about 6 years ago.
. b. Calipers were replaced about 5 years ago.
. c. New pads 2 years ago.

6. With these statements known above, the following are question I have:
. a. What would cause grooves?
. b. What would cause uneven wear for outer and inner pads?
. c. What would cause uneven wear from side to side?

7. As for now Iíll try to get my moneysí worth and ride them for the duration of the remaining pads unless youall can tell me something different.

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