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No mono valve .... but I started looking around. I took off the plastic cowel cover (for lack of better description) and found that the two hoses that go into the heater core and the coming out have been by-passed!

Some took a long hose and intercepted the inlet and connected to the outgoing. There was no coolant going to the heater core.

Sooo the good news is I know why .... the bad news is why. I am afraid of the the second why. Sounds like I have a .... I almost hate to use the words ..... a heater core .... problem. I already have the lower dash down so I can see where one of the pipes goes into it on the driver's side.

I am attaching the regular hoses, top it off with coolant, get her warm and then see ..... wish me luck.

I understand a replacement of said part can be quite lengthy .....

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