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Thanx, Robby;

1) How do I check the flex disc?? I did move the drive shaft today and I was able to jiggle, wiggle, and move it, but no more than a 1/4 " I'm not sure if that's normal.

2) a certified MB mech checked the ball joints in April- in fact he checked the whole front suspension. He said it's a little loose, but not enough to replace anything.

3)Well, the squeak turned out to be ... the left rear spring. Does that mean I need new mounts?

4)all of the reasons listed do not apply, although I do have Yoks Avid T4 in the rear and Dunlop SP Sport A2's up front. I do believe the rear shocks are shot though. Not badly, but enough.

5) ?? I disagree. I think maybe it's the rear suspension (bushing?)

6) a new question. should the rod connecting the shifter have 2 bushings? I have one at the shifter, but nothing on the other (tranni) end of the connecting rod.

7) stupid question, but why would a new (remanned) AC compressor sweat oil? It cools fine...

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