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Originally Posted by gsxr View Post
Hmmm. On my cars, the parking brake was adequate to lock the wheels to torque the inner and outer axle nuts... otherwise yes, you could have someone stomp on the brake pedal, preferably with engine running to provide vacuum & therefore power assist! The outer axle nut should be done with the tire mounted & wheels on the ground, that makes it much easier - leave the wheel center cap off to access the nut. For the inner axle bolts you cleaned the threads with a die, applied blue Loc-Tite, and oiled the contact surface - right? 100Nm isn't a lot, you should be able to do that, but I understand it's more difficult with the car on jackstands instead of a lift. It's a breeze when you can stand under the car!

Wow, I forgot about the removability of the center cap ... that might work a LOT better. Thanks. The inner bolts, I replaced all of them with brand new ones, which have a torx head that I'm actually finding harder to get a grip on than the XYN heads. The new bolts came with a little bit of blue loctite on them, and I added my own. I used the grease inside the bolt holes residual from repacking them to lightly lubricate the threads ... hopefully that was OK?
I know I can generate 100nm, I think it's just the challenge of doing it on my back, while also pressing very hard on the head of the wrench to keep the torx bit on the bolt ... it really wants to slip off. I guessing if I find the right angle and approach on one, the rest will be much easier. Thanks!
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