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300E Rear Window Problem...HELP

My rear left window went out last night, but worst of all it went out in the down position so now i can't get it back up. So now I have a security issue with my car. Heres what iv done, checked the fuses and they seem to be fine, came up that it is not the switch because both of them don't do anything (front and back seat swithes), and theres not enough of the window sticking out to pull it up. I really need to get the window back up, i don't care how much work it is, but i don't want to have to pay someone else. Is there any tool that will do this? or how do i go about taking off the door panel (iv done it before on another car, prolly not too different). So if anyone has done this before or have any advice I would be very thankful.
Thank you
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