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300e stall update

Read a post today reminding us to update our problems- so the 300e still stalls- its back in the dealer service for about a week now. Last I heard they changed O2 sensor. I spoke with mechanic and suggested he look at some of the things that were posted here- and noted in the vehicle history there was a valve leak but no indication of repair. He said they had a really good mechanic on it and would have found that on this review- so I can only trust.

I read this morning though a post about rough idle that occurred after an AC repair and I am still convinced that my vehicle's problems began after the AC repair. So I will call service tomorrow and insist they review "fuel cooler in suction line for AC" whatever that is.

Well I guess the good news is while my car is in the shop I'm driving a CLK230, year 2003! but I think I still prefer my 300e- oh by the way which I learned is a 92 not 93.
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