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How many have done their own M104 head gaskets

Hello all,

Am anticipating having to do the head gasket on my 1995 E320 at some time in the future and was wondering how many on this forum have done their own. I am considering trying to do this myself as I am retired and have the time, good garage space, tools and the MB manuals and CD rom and some limited mechanical experience.

Anyone who has done this and would be willing to help me through this can send me a personal message and I will provide another e-mail address.

If I do this myself it will not be to save money but to get to know the mechanicals of the car better as I am planning on keeping it for a long time. I purchased the car new in 1995 and it seems worthy of keeping. I test drove a new S Class recently and it didn't seem to be worth $80-90K when this car is still running nicely.


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