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Question different part # for oil filter?


I bought an oil filter from the dealer, the part # on the box is A 000 180 22 09, after I opened the box, the number on the filter itself shows A 112 184 03 25. What gives?

When I took out my old oil filter, the number on it shows A 112 184 04 25, and the shape is a bit different from the one dealer sold me. The old filter has plastic cap molding on each end of the filter cylinder. Looking at the bottom inside of the filter housing on the engine, I can see a round indention which fits the molding perfectly when the filter is inserted. The new filter doesn't have this molding on each end. I asked the parts guy at dealer, he doesn't know why either, just said based on my car's model/year, their computer shows that's the right oil filter.

Need knowledged mind to clarify my confusion. Was I getting the wrong filter? Thanks.
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