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My car is a 1994 C 250 Diesel, the front brakes are solid discs, I travel a lot with my car, and at high speeds (full trottle), the brakes give out to quikly, I mean it.I checked all the brake system, even the air ducts for the calipers, and its all Ok, I use OEM Parts only. Im thinking about my security. Any sugestion about this?????
Last week a saw a 190D 2.5 Turbo, this car have the same top speed of my car, and have vent discs at front!!
Why a famous factory, like Mercedes Benz, make the same series of car, like the W202, with diferent brakes setup..?
I think that a car should have a oversized brake capability. Porsche thinks that way. Why Mercedes Benz not?
Jose Rios.
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