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Which fuel filter for a 92 300E?

Hey everyone! I am looking at fastlane, and there are a few different fuel filters for sale. Wich one will fit my car? There is a bosch with pt. number E1000-29298 , a knecht with part number E1000-12143 and another bosch with part number E1000-29298 . I would tell you the mb part numbers, but I can figure out which one is wich, because the site says, "Optional 002 477 13 01 can still be used on early models with single fuel pump. New filter 002 477 44 01 is designed for tandem pumps where greater volume and dampening effect is needed. " with the first bosch filter that I listed, and "Optional with 002 477 17 01 " with the last 2 filters I mentioned earlier. I am pretty sure my car has the dual fuel pumps, so I don't want the lower flowing filter, any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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