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Tree hours ago, I was involved in a car accident, let me explain.
The road was wet, I was in a semaphore in my C 250 D waiting for a green light, I was totally stopped, when a Mitsubishi Mini Van hit me in the tail, I think that the Mitsubishi was at least 40 mph when hit my car, because the impact, mi cars nose hit the rear bumper of a Mitsubishi Pajero.., the result: the radiator grill, the two electric fans, two front lights, the hood, the bumper, one turning light, the rear bumper, the trunk, all dead. After the impact, the engine was runing, I hope this means that is all OK with it. Im ok, I was wearing the seatbelt. But the airbags never came out. Taking a look in the impact zone, I can apreciate that the front bumper wasnt really hit very strong, the impact was at the grille and the front lights.
I repeat Im perfect, not even a hit.
But I wish to know, when the airbags should came out. There is a minimun speed, or something?
Jose Rios.
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