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89 300 TE hard start

I have an intermittent starting condition on my 1989 300TE with 175K miles. It starts every time I turn the key however, on some mornings is stalls about 2 to 4 seconds after I release the key. Even if I rev the engine 2000 to 3000 rpm it still stalls with the same symptoms. The car may do this 10 times or more and it can be quite annoying. I suspect there is an electrical problem but have not isolated it since it is intermittent. Fortunately, I have another parts car and have swapped the following used parts with no change in symptoms.

overvoltage relay
battery(with cleaned terminals)
CIS-E fuel control unit (black box)
idle speed control unit
ignition switch (brand new)(recommended by local MB mechanic)
unplugged factory security system
gear selector starter safety switch
cold start air valve(recommended by local MB mechanic)

I understand from some of my service books that the air conditioner compressor typically is "on line" 4 seconds after the engine starts. The stalling occurs even with the climate control switched off.

I had considered removing fuses on various circuits believing that an electrical load is switching on causing the ignition system to shut the engine off. The ABS system is not fully functional as I found the dash lamp removed shortly after I purchased the vehicle a year ago.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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