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It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least so far ... I guess I should wait until I've had it on the highway to celebrate, but I took it on a mini test drive around my neighborhood and out onto the road just to turn around (with the recharged battery it started right up). No awful grinding or big clunks or squeaks from back there ... it shifted really nicely (before the project it used to clunk in the rear sometimes on upshifts) and I didn't hear anything weird. It felt really smooth, though it's hard to tell much just going 25 mph ... I did get it up to 40 on the long entrance to my neighborhood. Guess I'll find out more soon! My alignment appointment is Thursday. I'm also going to get new rear tires (the fronts were new this summer) to top it all off.

Between this and getting my Jeep back tomorrow, this week is pretty nice so far!
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