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Old 02-19-2000, 12:37 AM
Ron Zarantenello
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In a multiple car accident at a low rate of speed (30 mph), I was caught between a '96 Jeep Cherokee that hit me from behind and a '96 Jaguar XJ6 that I then rear-ended. The Jaguar hit the back of an 18-wheeler. None of our airbags deployed. The Jag slid under the steel beam of the trailer. My 420SEL went under the rear bumper of the Jag and the Jeep knocked my rear bumper facia loose. The chrome strip on top of my front bumper was forced back and everything above it was crushed flat into the main fan and water pump. $13,000 and 5 weeks later... and presto... I have a new front end! I was hoping my insurer would have totaled my car. They didn't. If my front bumber hit the Jaguar, then perhaps the airbag then would have deployed pushing the repair bill over the fix/scrap threshold. Good luck with your repair.
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