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Question Monovalve?

I have a coolant leak in my 1987 420SEL. I took it to a local mechanic and he replaced a few hoses along with a few other little things that needed to be done. (a.i. change the oil and so on) The changed hoses seemed to help untill the motor got hot. I was driving around the city and the engine temp got pretty close to 100. On my way home the coolant light went on so I stopped to fill it up. The next day after a 45 min drive I parked the car and looked under it. I noticed a slow stream of antifreeze comin out.
I took the car back to the mechanic to see what was happnin. The guy told me that the leak was from my monovalve. He didn't give me a price becous his supplier was closed and I took the car back.
What kind of money can I expect to shell out for this repair? Should I pay for it? After all I took the car to him once and over $300 later I still have the same exact problem! Is this somthing I can do myself CHEAPLY?
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