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My experience comes from fixing peoples problems. Michelins fix people's problems. I never use M&S tires, but I live in Florida and travel no mountain roads. Quiet is of most importance.

The deal with Michelins over Bridgestones or Yokahamas or Dunlops is not how they handle now. Its how they handle in 10, 20, 30, 40k from now. Talking tire economics on the most expensive of machinery is hard for me to understand. My experience isn't just the tires I've driven personally, it comes from thousands of alignment experiences. I am very observant!

I personally will throw away any tire that alters performance or noise. Ninety percent of the driving public wish me as a technician to work it out with alignment (for those drifting conditions), balancing (to solve those roundness irregularities caused by the lesser tire's inability to take a pounding), and through rotation to find two that can not sound like an ATV grinding down the road. Michelins solve problems and MBs amplify the problems with their sensitive handling character.

Anything handles alright on a Chevy.
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