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This scenario sort of reminds me of the false economy involved with converting an R12 a/c system to 134.

I sheepishly admit that I do economize on tires by using Continentals while at the same time I hardily agree that Michelins will fix tire complaints. Hopefully times will get better and money will not be so tight at the next tire time. The last tire time came all at once for every car on the place it seemed.

In the mid 90's I was test driving a low mileage, used '92 300D. The tires were the equipment Michelins and worn completely out. They were roaring and I commented to the sales guy about them. He said, "oh, you just fix that by getting rid of the Michelins." I told him that I usually fix that by PUTTING ON new Michelins.

Sharing your experience is always greatly appreciated.

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