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Unhappy '86 300E cuts out when stopped, pls help me from getting ripped again

This is my very first post and I am hoping that someone may be able to help me assess the damage to my MB so that I don't get ripped off again. When I purchased my car, I knew that it needed work and I thought it was a good deal because I bought it way under book value, so it became my project. Recently (yesterday) as I was leaving my community I was stopping at my gate when I realized that my car had stopped completely, all the lights were on so I didn't think it was my battery. I had to wait about a minute and the car restarted, I managed to drive it a few feet and get out of the way of traffic, but it died again. Each time I restarted it, it died within a couple seconds. I also figured out that if I kept applying the gas, it wouldn't die, it was just when I let up on the gas. I tried each gear, but pretty much had the same results. I recently had my car in the shop for some various other problems and I've also had my engine rebuilt. The most recent problem involved my A/C unit which I was told the compressor was bad, it wasn't replaced though, and I thought maybe this could be contributing to the overview of some of the problems that I'm having that I know about and am working on (maybe one or more is actually contributing to my current condition):

1) A/C doesn't work-motor was rebuilt
2) Cruise control doesn't work (didn't work when I bought the car, didn't really need it so it wasn't a concern)
3) Needs new brakes--also, the strangest thing, about a week ago, the rear wheel started to rust over very badly, just that one and none of the others

The nearest MB dealership around my neighborhood is about a half hour away, and I don't trust the authorized MB authorized mechanics that I have brought it to so I wanted to have some insight and possibly some tips on what I should watch out for before I bring it in. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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