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Talking About W124 !

Hi Guys,

Thanks to you all for being active on this forum. I have really learnt a lot about my MERC ... in the past few days as a member to this forum. As always I post a few queries here for which i would like to hear from you all.

It's about my MERC 230 E (W124), but the queries are very general.

1) Is it OK to wash the engine compartment with pressurised water at a professional Wash Station. I recently got my car washed at one such place where they use high pressure hoses to clean the car including the engine compartment. After the wash i started the car and the engine revved up to 2500 rpm and stayed that way for 5 minutes. After the engine heated up the rpm came down to normal. This worries me as to weather i am hurting the engine. Please advice.

2) I live in a hot climate (40 degrees) most of the year thru. The engine temp on the dashboard shows 80 + most of the time at normal driving conditions but well below 100. Is this normal?. What is the optimum operating Engine temperature?.

3) Oil pressure gauge on the dashboard fluctuates between 2 and 3. I have to top up the oil in the engine by 1/2 a liter every 1000 kms of run. Is this OK?

4) Is the foam insulation under the bonnet supposed to reduce engine noise in the passenger cabin or is it only to reduce heat on the bonnet surface?
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