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OVP, A/C, Brakes, Pumps, oh my!

This is great! I just want to thank you guys for replying to my posts, it feels pretty good to at least have something to tell the technician when I bring it in...

by new brakes, I know it needs new pads and rotors (and calipers now that you mention it )
as for the A/C, when I purchased it, it would blow cold air, but I couldn't leave it on otherwise it would drain the battery and my car wouldn't start...but I had the battery prob corrected, but the A/C stopped blowing cold air...then the next thing I know, after the motor on my ac was rebuilt to enable my car to "run" the A/C was working for a bit of time before it stopped working air, no nothing...not even hot air...

what would cause the rest on my wheel???

Thanks again
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