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You can't let your emotions get in the way of car maintenance. Unless your an experienced mercedes mechanic with a lift, the next best thing is a working parts car up on blocks in your yard

I wanted nothing more than to get that thing to quit using oil. I tried steam cleaning although i added a little methanol and messed that up. We'll still learn a lot from it when i tear it down. We'll learn if the steam cleaning could have worked and more. And i should be able to do a ring job easy enough i hope with the head off if it is just stuck rings right? Then the engine can be repurposed to power my house.

This car just happened to be the perfect match for me and my wagon except the interior was the wrong color. It had my type of WVO system and everything broken on it works on my driver and everything broken on my driver works on this car. Its like a match made in heaven.

This car will live on. Its parts will allow my wagon to live a longer healthier life. And its engine and wvo system may be a generator powering my house one day. Its definitely not getting wasted and its serving me very well.

Watch next month there will be 1987 TDs on craigslist in great shape all for under 4000.00 Thats what happened right after i spent 4500 on mine.
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