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I have a Euro 280se (W126 / M110) 5spd manual that sat for a year and is having problems... The car dies after about 10 minutes of idleing great and bogs out when you blip the throttle. Let me try and describe it exactly...

When idling, after about 10 minutes or so, the engine will sputter, almost die, but recover. This cycle will go on about 5 times and then she quits. If you try and restart right away, the engine will start, rev once, and die immediatly. If you wait 10 minutes, the engine fires up and runs for about another 10 and the same thing happens all over again.

The engine has a serious bog when you blip the throttle. From idle, if you goose it, the engine stumbles for about 5 seconds and then the airplate opens and it revs up. If you goose it before it returns to idle, it revs fine. Today I sprayed starter fluid at the injectors to see if there was any leaks at the o-rings, with no change in rpm. I did however find a vacuum hose that runs to a canister that sits to the right of the radiator and when I pinched the vacuum hose attached to it, the engine idled faster and smoother...

The top speed of the car during a few laps around the house is about 40mph and it has no power. I have the pedal floored, the economy gauge is pegged in the red, and the engine pops back through the airplate once in awhile...

I have flushed the old gas out, replaced the fuel pump, filter, pump relay, plugs, cap & rotor, and sprayed tbody cleaner in the airplate (this DID help!). I don't have any repair manuals for this car yet so would appreciate any advice and suggestions! Seems nobody on the "other" msg board cared to respond...

Tom Johnson
Dallas Texas
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