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Hilton Smith
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96 C280 Pwr Steering Cyl leak

I just got 96 C280, 44k miles, out of shop for head gasket replacement, drove about 200 miles, no oil leaks, but power steering cylinder leaks after engine is cut off. Reservior wass overfilled about 5 ounzes, to the top, and first run of engine, no leak, Then ran it again and it leaks. The fluid leaks from a 1/8 inch diameter hole in the bottom of the brass end of the cylinder that is attached to the frame. There is also anothr 1/8 inch diameter hole 90 degrees from this one that faces aft. I would not be surprised if the bottom hole should not have a plug. Also, could the overfill have blown the seal in the ckylinder/piston?
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