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When discussing headgasket leaks on a 104 or 103 motor they leak oil externally , couple 103 I have seen coolant leak in the ol but not very common. When doing head gaskets we reseal the lower timing cover as well, it will leak . As for wiring harness' well most produced from 92-95 have the blues of the harness. E-320's have the engine, throttle valve and starter alternator harness problems. C-220 have the engine,trans ,throttle valve and some you have to remove airpump and remake the harness for it. Any with the 119 motor in it have the engine,throttle valve, starter alternator (on some) harness bad. v-12 (120) motor have the engine,starter/alternator and on some the harness that go to the HFM air flow meter bad. Like most things they cost money and will have to be fixed some time. Remember on the head gaskets to replace the head bolts and use permatex (right stuff) on the timing cover. Have done alot of these reseals and have learned from them. Just paaing on some advice
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