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Hi Colin and JR.
I sure hope your right Colin, the wife is after me to get this car on the road for her... I will check all the lines before I put the new hoses on.

JR, I bought this car from the son of the original owner. His Dad had passed away a year ago and they just got everything stright with the lawyers and such. The tank had about 1/4 fuel in it when I had it towed to my place, and the fuel smelled really foul. While draining the tank, I noticed the fuel pump was dead so put a new one in (along with filter) before even attempting to start it, so none of that old fuel got to the engine. The airplate does operate smoothly, although I used 2 cans of throttle body cleaner to get rid of the soot that was built up in there. Haven't pulled the injectors (yet), still awaiting the new o-rings to be delivered. Can one clean the injectors with tbody cleaner if they are clogged???

I cannot give up! This car has only 91k miles on it, and since it has a 5spd, my wife won't let me... She has laid claim on driving the 280 and will "let me" drive the 535i in the driveway. If I cannot get things fixed on the benz by this weekend, she has stated it goes to the shop monday morning. Thanks for everyones help!!

Tom Johnson
Dallas Texas
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