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I have to fight the urge to wash my car under the hood. I have done so with other cars in the past with mixed results. My 82 VW Quantum Coupe (the only year they made the model) was the only one that gave me problems. Not sure if it ever ran the same, but I did trade it with 150,000 miles after buying new. Learned that the trick is to use as little water as possible, like a fine spray from a garden hose, not high pressure like a car wash. I think the cool engine with a little degreaser just where needed is a good idea. Then dry everything off as well as possible with a towel. I like to use a leaf blower to blow pooled water off of my exterior, especially in the little cracks and crannies. That would probably help under the hood, too. For now, I'm just using a wet rag and wiping off surface dust where I can reach it.
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