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Flex Disk

I would just like to share my experience on changing the flex disk.

- The side with the German marking should face aft (sorry- I was in the Navy) or towards the rear.

- I would try the jack-under-the-pan method first. Make sure you put a small 2x4 piece of wood between jack and transmission pan. Just as mentioned in earlier posts, pump jack to take the weight off the tranny and remove the cross member to give you more room. You will have to take out the tranny mount too to give you even more room. Once the flex disk bolts are out, try to pry the disk back and see how far it goes. You might be able to change it at this point. If not read on. ...

- I share your concern when working with exhaust components, i.e. rusted parts. Instead of taking the exhaust pipes down, take the heat shield out by unbolting one bolt in front and two in the back. You might have to play with it a bit to get it out. Once its out, you can unbolt the center bearing support. With the front sidk bolts out, remove the rear flex disk bolst also. At this point you can slide the whole driveshaft assembly towards the rear. You might have to remove a crossbar just in front of the heat shield to give you more maneuvering room. Also, try to keep the two halves together as they tend to separate if the big compression nut is loose. Once the shaft assembly is out, you can put it on a bench to make things a lot easier.

- This sounds long and winded but its actually a lot easier to do than writing it. Good luck! Be safe!

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