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It would be a lot cheaper to reach underneath with a wrench and a drain pan. As an added bonus, you get to look around underneath at the same time to check everything. You never know what might be about to fall off under there.

If you do build a topsider, however, I strongly recommend building one that you can use with the oil piping hot. If you had some sort of hand vacuum pump, that you connected with a hose to the top of a large metal container, then a suction hose that goes between the container and the bottom of the pan to draw the oil into the evacuated metal container, you could draw the oil out while hot.

I read many of the topsider threads for months before it came to light that some of these gadgets would melt if the oil was hot. This is BAD!!! Draining, or removing oil while hot is far superior to draining or removing cold oil. When the oil is hot, the contaminants are "churned up" in the oil, rather than clinging to everything inside the engine. This is the main reason you are changing oil, because it is the only method for cleaning the inside of the engine. Draining cold oil and leaving the contaminants stuck inside is like driving twice as far between changes, or maybe farther.

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