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CSNOW - as for the strut mounts, the right one was cracked (previous owner must have dropped the wheel off the road into a huge hole) and left one showed no sign of wear. If I had not noticed the cracked one to begin with, I probably would not have replaced the mounts, but since they are not that expensive and you are already there replacing the struts, might as well do it all at one time. But - the MB mounts are very simple and really not much to wear out. The Toyota I have has bearings in the mounts. The shaft of the strut passes through this bearing. Strange.

KESTAS - good idea on the socket metric/SAE sizes. I did not think that there were that many that would match up. On an impact socket set I saw when buying the metric set, I say they noted the equivalent metric to SAE size, but I thought they were just being cheap and that the match would not be exact.

JACKD - 200,000+ miles on set of struts is outstanding from what I have seen on other posts.

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