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That is awesome. Very slick interface. Impressive right up. Thanks for taking time to do this. I would like to do this if i had a lot of time. It looks hard.

I have a question your experience can probably help me with. I just want to simply open the center vents all the time and i can close them with the dial in the middle of the vents on the dash. I did this on my W123 just by reaching behind glove box and taking the arm from the vacuum pod to the vent flap and disconnecting it and bending it over the flap to permanently hold it open. Then i disconnected the vacuum line to the pod and plugged it. It was ideal because its not dependent on those troublesome acc components.

I would like to do something like this on my W124s. Did you notice if you can get at center vent flap easily to permanently prop it open or remove it? (Ohh, i just had an idea -- I could drill holes in the flap with a 1 inch paddle bit then sawzall remaning parts off. Sounds dangerous though ) That would be my #1 solution.
#2 would be to run a direct vacuum supply to the center vent POD. That looks pretty easy from your pics. Just T off the white supply tube at the top of the Vacuum Switchover Y7 valve and connect to 4 ?

Do you really get too much heat on your feet in your wagon? My feet are usually close to cold. I plenty of air down there it is just not directed at my feet . I'll have to put some redirection down there i guess.

Thanks again for write up and pics.
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