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Originally Posted by zebellis View Post
Oh. Woops. I'm glad you asked. I totally forgot to explain that. I edited the very first paragraph to explain why... But I'll add it here too.

Basically, the primary reason for wanting control over the vents is that in heating mode, by design, the center vents do not operate. When my hands are cold, I can warm one up with the side dash vent, but not the other hand. Turning on the center vent solves this problem. Also, sometimes the heat on my feet is too much. Furthermore, in cooling mode, only the center vents operate, not the footwells. I'd rather just have a switch.


The standard design will chuck cabin temperature regulated heat out the footwells / side vents / screen vents depending on where you set the position of the right hand control.

The amount of heat output is regulated by the thermostat for each side, and depends on cabin temp vs thermostat temp, and of course fan speed.

The side vent is there, not to "warm your hands" but to provide a convenience store like hot air curtain so you can drive with the window cracked down (smokers) and not get the cabin cold.

If you have one cold hand, then your cabin temperature is not up to spec, so you have a separate thermostatic control problem that this mod is not going to address.

My W124 has one of the best heating systems ever fitted to a car, I get warm air within 400 yards of an overnight cold start, and within 800 yards the cabin heating system is basically up to speed.
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