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Door locks have gone heywire + Problem with ignition switch

I have three annoying problems with my 1992 300SD. The local dealer has been unable to correct.

First, the door sporadically lock themselves. If you leave the key in the ignition and close the door, it sometimes locks me out of the car. I have to carry two keys always. The doors automatically lock when I close my trunk or sometimes while driving. Sometimes only some of the doors will automatically lock themselves, but most often, all will lock. Sometimes, they'll lock as soon as I close the drivers door, with or without the engine running.

Second, my trunk does not unlock when I use the keyless opener. I must manually unlock it. Again, when I then close the trunk, the doors lock automatically. A real pain.

Third, sometimes I must turn my ignition switch several times in order to get the dash board indicator lights and glow plugs to come on. If the car is already warm, I sometimes have been able to crank it anyway, but it stalls when I shift the transmission out of Park. At somepoint, I am sure I will be stranded, unable to start the vehicle.

These problems all began as infreguent occurrences, but are now routine.

Any ideas???? Thanks,

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